Still Searching…

Still on the hunt for the perfect pearly non-shimmery highlighter. In a previous post, I discussed the new MAC Magnetic Nude collection and how I was extremely excited for the Extra Dimension Skinfinishes and the comeback of Superb. Well, I went to MAC the second I got back from vacation and tried Superb, and it was a sparkly disco ball on my face. Not cute. I ended up purchasing a different Skinfinish from the collection, Fairly Precious, but after trying to love the sparkliness of it, I just couldn’t deal with spending $40 on a product I wasn’t obsessed with. Back to MAC it went.

My next attempt at a highlighter actually came to me by accident. When I tried to explain to another beauty-savvy friend the finish I was looking for, I told her to “imagine a satin finish eyeshadow”. This sheen without shimmer was exactly what I was looking for. Her response? “So get a satin finish eyeshadow!” And I did. The next day at Sephora, I went around the store testing eyeshadows, and settled on Bare Minerals’ Eyecolor in Soul, which is a light bone colour with a beautiful shine and no shimmer. I’m definitely into it and it’s an amazing step in the right direction, but I’m still not quite there yet.

The search continues…


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